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  • Ebook: DARE TO BECOME A SUCCESS:Lessons From Ants


    Do you want to succeed in life and business? Are you tired of simply being a spectator and want in on the action? Have you been toiling with the idea of taking your life and your business to the next level? Are you stuck in a rut? Would you like to start seeing things fall into place in your life and business instead of it being a constant struggle? If so, then this easy to read book by Author, Editor and Entrepreneur, Mulenga C. Kasoma, is for you.

    Using the timeless success principles applied from industrious ants, this unique and easy reading book offers 35 inspiring and practical guides to move your life and approach to business from ‘here’ to ‘there’. In a series of easy to apply steps, author Mulenga C. Kasoma shows you how to start succeeding in life, commencing with knowing how to stop complaining, comparing and making excuses, and instead starting to move forward. She provides advice on how to rebuild shattered dreams; how to work with what is for you and to overcome what is against you; how to become more productive not just busier; how to lead yourself before you lead others; how to get rid of the excess baggage in life; and ultimately how to reach your goals.



    ESTROGEN MAGAZINE-For Women Who Dare To Succeed, is the niche, go to women’s magazine for the achieving woman who has given herself the licence to succeed. Packed with the right dose of Inspirational, Informative, Expert Advice and Lifestyle content, ESTROGEN Magazine empowers the multifaceted DARE Woman to unapologetically pursue and accomplish her dreams and her realize her highest potential in Business, Career and Life.